Laurent Laniel


Tel.:     + 33 (0)1 55 84 53 45


Born 22 June 1966

French national


Social analyst

Illicit drugs, International security


English, French (mother tongue), Spanish





Ph.D. student, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris.

Supervisor: Alain Joxe.

Thesis : Le Drug Control américain : outil stratégique de contrôle social transnational (US drug control as a strategic tool of transnational social control).



Profesional Background


Present           Analyst, drug supply reduction, European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), Lisbon.


2003/2008           Research fellow, Institut National des Hautes Études de Sécurité (INHES-Interior ministry), Paris.


2003/2008          Coordinator of the international, multidisciplinary three-year research project “Agricultural production of illicit drugs and sustainable development”, funded by Ministry of Research (France).


Since 2000          Member, editorial board, journals Psychotropes and Toxibase, Paris.


Since 1995         Translator (illicit drugs, organised crime, policing and military matters, social sciences)


2002/2003          Coordinator of the EU research project“Evaluating police performance? The Belgian, Dutch, French and Spanish experiences”, OISIN 2 Programme of the European Commission, CIVIPOL-IHESI, Paris.


1997/2002           Consultant and member, UNESCO's MOST-Drugs social-science research network, on the impact of the drug trade in developing countries; co-author of the final report Globalisation, Drugs and Criminalisation.


1995/2000          Researcher: Geopolitical Drug Watch (Observatoire Géopolitique des Drogues –OGD), Paris; author and co-author of several studies for the European Commission and the United Nations International Drug Control Program (UNDCP).

Sub-editor and writer: The Geopolitical Drug Disptach (monthly newsletter on the geopolitics of illicit drugs).


1999                  International Visitor Program, United States embassy in Paris; one-month study trip to the United States. Co-funded by UNESCO.





1996             Diplôme d’études approfondies (DEA), Sociology, EHESS, Paris (honours).


1994              DEA, History of international relations, Paris I – Sorbonne University (honours).


1993             Master of Arts (M.A.), International Studies, Universidad de Warwick, United Kingdom.


1989             Maîtrise, Applied Foreign Languages, Translation English and Spanish, speciality in Terminology,

                       Lumière Lyon  II University, France (honours).


1984             Baccalauréat A2 (philosophy, history, languages), Lycée Claude-Lebois, Saint-Chamond, France (honours).



Field work


2007    Mexico: Illicit production and trade of opiates in Guerrero State, “Agricultural Production of illicit drugs and sustainable development” project, Ministry of Research (France), April.


2006    Bolivia : Coca production and trade in the Trópico de Cochabamba (Chapare) and the Yungas de La Paz, “Agricultural production of illicit drugs and sustainable development” project, Ministry of Research (France), April/May.



2005    Morocco: Cannabis sativa cultivation and hashish manufacturing in the Rif mountains, Agricultural production of illicit drugs and sustainable development” project, Ministry of Research (France), August.



Peru: Coca cultivation in La Convención valley, Cuzco Province, Agricultural production of illicit drugs and sustainable development” project, Ministry of Research (France), April.




1999    India: Cultural uses of opium and cannabis, joint paper with the Mumbai Narcotics Research Center (NARC), MOST- Drugs programme of UNESCO, September.


United States: Drug law-enforcement system, International Visitor Program, United States Information Service (USIS) United States embassy in Paris, April.



1998    United Nations: attendance of the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on the international drug problem, New York, 8-10 June, invited by UNDCP (funding: UNESCO).


Ivory Coast: Social, economic and political factors fostering the production, trafficking and use of illicit drugs. Study for UNODCCP: The Drug Nexus in Africa (UNODCCP, Vienna, March 1999), January.


Ghana: Cannabis production in cocoa-producing regions. Cannabis Production in Central Africa, OGD study for UNDCP, February.


Togo: Marijuana-trafficking networks. Cannabis Production in Central Africa, OGD study for UNDCP, February.


Brazil/Colombia: Cocaine trafficking on the Amazon River, OGD study, October.



1997    Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe: Production, trafficking and use of illicit drugs and money laundering in the countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). OGD study for the European Commission (DG8), July/August.


United Kingdom: Polydrug trafficking and polydrug use. OGD study, September.



1996    Mexico: Political sytem and illegal drug trafficking. OGD study, January.



1995    Ghana: Social-economic study of marijuana use in cities. OGD study for the European Commission (DG8), May.


Mexico: Opium, coffee and armed groups in Guerrero State. OGD study, October.



Web page


2004    Creation of the  web page DrugSTRAT, drugs and strategy ( online publication of papers, pictures and more (in English, French and, Spanish) on illicit drugs and/or strategic studies.DrugSTRAT has received a total of 157,567 single daily visitors that viewed a total of 339,683 pages (from 1st February 2004 to 12 March 2007). Statistics available at



Reports for international and national organisations


• 2006    With P-A. Chouvy: Policy Brief Drug Production and State Stability, SGDN/CERI, Paris, April.



• 2003    Coordinator: Report Searching for a common methodology to evaluate the impact of community policing reforms in Europe , IHESI/OISIN European Commission (JAI).



• 1999    Co-author: The Drug Nexus in Africa, UNODCCP Studies on Drugs and Crime Monographs, Vienna, March.




1998        – “The ‘Drug Summit’, New York, 8-10 June 1998”, Most-Drugs Reports Series, n° 3, October.

 ( ).



• 1997   Co-author: The drug situation in Southern Africa, OGD report for the European Commission (DG8).


Co-author: Cannabis Cultivation in Central Africa, OGD report for UNDCP.



• 1996   Co-author: West Africa: Study of the Local Production and Trafficking of Illicit Drugs, especially Cannabis Cultivation, OGD report for the European Commission (DG8).




Peer-reviewed articles


2012    – With P. Griffiths and Jane Mounteney: « Understanding changes in heroin availability in Europe over time: emerging evidence for a slide, a squeeze and a shock », Addiction, publié en ligne le 17 avril 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1360-0443.2012.03829.x.

2007    – “Agricultural Drug Economies: Cause or Alternative to Intra-State Conflict?”, Crime, Law and Social Change, Vol. 48, N° 3-5, pp. 133-150, December.


2006    – “Une carte nationale d'identité biométrique pour les Britanniques : L'antiterrorisme au cœur des discours de justification ”, Cultures et Conflits, n° 64, Winter.



2001    – “Drugs in Southern Africa: Business as Usual”, International Social Science Journal, n° 169, September.



– “Communauté des sciences sociales et politiques antidrogues aux États-Unis”, Cahiers d’études sur la Méditerranée orientale et le monde turco-iranien (CEMOTI), n° 32, July-December.



– “Cannabis in Lesotho”, Seminar, (New Delhi) n° 504, August.




• 1999    – “Drugs and Globalisation: An equivocal relationship”, International Social Science Journal, n° 160, April.




2005    – With O. González: “Drogues et antidrogues en Colombie. Production et trafic illicites, conflit armé, interventions étatiques”, n° 59 of Cahiers de la Sécurité, Paris, December.




2004    – With P-A. Chouvy: “Géopolitique des drogues illicites”, n° 112 of Hérodote, Paris, April.




2001    – With Alain Labrousse and A. Block: “The World Geopolitics of Drugs, 1998/1999”, special issue of Crime, Law and Social Change, vol. 36, Nos. 1-2, September.


Papers in edited volumes


2006   – With P. Piazza: “L'encartement des nationaux comme réponse au terrorisme : regards croisés sur les cas français et britannique”, in X. Crettiez et P. Piazza (dir.): Du papier à la biométrie. Identifier les individus, Presses de Science Po, Paris, junio.




2002    – “Drug Trafficking in Southern Africa: The Legacy of War and Apartheid”, Globalisation, Drugs and Criminalisation, Final Research Report, Programme MOST-Drogues, UNESCO, Paris.



– “The Relationship between Social Science Research and Drug Control Policy in the United States, with a Focus on the Drugs-Crime Nexus”, ibidem.



2000    – “Drogenhandel im südlichen Afrika: Die Hinterlassenschaft von Krieg und Apartheid”, Schönenberg, R. (Hrsg.): Internationaler Drogenhandel und gesellschaftliche Transformation, Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag, Wiesbaden.



1998    – “Où va la production de cannabis ?”, OGD: Les drogues en Afrique subsaharienne, Karthala, Paris.




1996    – Co-author and co-translator: OGD: The Geopolitics of Drugs, 1996 Edition, Northeastern University Press, Boston.


Other papers


• 2006    – With P-A. Chouvy: “Production agricole de drogues illicites et conflictualités inter-étatiques : dimensions économiques et stratégiques”, Cahiers de la Sécurité, n° 62, third quarter.




• 2005    – With O. González: “Introduction”, Cahiers de la Sécurité, n° 59, December.



– “Les Assassins. Terrorisme et politique dans l’Islam médiéval”, Cahiers de la Sécurité, n° 56, March.




• 2004   – “Perico, Narcos, Gringos y Otros Animales del Patio Trasero. Ensayo sobre la economía política de una legitimidad a partir de su impacto en la cultura popular”, L’Ordinaire latinoaméricain (Toulouse), “Géopolitique des Amériques”, n° 195, January-March.



– With P-A. Chouvy: “De la géopolitique des drogues illicites”, Hérodote, n° 112, April.



– With Pascale Perez: “Croissance et... croissance de l’économie du cannabis en

Afrique subsaharienne (1980-2000)”, Hérodote, n° 112, April.



– “Les cultures à usage illicite dans la région andine : implications politiques, mouvements sociaux et développement alternatif”, Cahiers de la Sécurité, n° 55, March.




2003   – “Drogas y criminalidad: Breve exploración”, Sociológica (UAM-Azcapotzalco, México), año 18, n° 51, January-April.



– “États-Unis : le tout-carcéral ne paie plus”, Alternatives Internationales, n° 6, January-February.



– “La ‘guerre à la drogue’ aux États-Unis après le 11 septembre 2001”, Diplomatie, n° 1, January-February.




• 2001    – “La menace ‘narcoterroriste’ et l'espace de sa repression”, Le Débat Stratégique, n° 61, March.




• 1999    – “Cannabis in Lesotho: A Preliminary Survey”, MOST Discussion Papers, n° 34, Paris, February.

( )


– “The Relationship between Research and Drug Policy in the United States”, MOST Discussion Papers, n° 44, Paris, June.




• 1998    – With Carlos S. Milani: “Drugs, Globalization and Social Transformation”, MOST Newsletter, n° 9, October.




• 1996   – With J.F. Boyer, Alain Labrousse and E. Léonard “Production et trafic de drogues : Les cas du Mexique et de la Côte d’Ivoire”, Historiens et Géographes, n° 352, March-April.

For the Geopolitical Drug Watch (selection)


2000   – With Alain Labrousse: Edition and co-translation into English of the OGD annual report: The World Geopolitics of Drugs 1998/1999, OGD, Paris.

– With Alain Labrousse and Michel Koutouzis : “Introduction”, ibidem.


–“ The Socioeconomic Impact of the War ‘on Drugs’ in the United States”, ibidem.


– “Mexico: Laundering the political system”, ibidem.


– “United States: War on Drugs or ‘Prison Keynesianism’?”, The Geopolitical Drug Dispatch, n° 94, October.


– “United States: Cashing In on the War ‘on Drugs'”, The Geopolitical Drug Dispatch, n° 93, September.


– “The barons of the Prison Connection”, The Geopolitical Drug Dispatch, n° 93, September.



1998    – With Michel Koutouzis and Alain Labrousse, “Major trends in 1997/1998”, OGD: The world geopolitics of drugs 1997/1998, OGD, Paris.


– With Alain Labrousse and Pascale Perez, “Togo”, ibidem.


– “Gulf of Guinea: Toward a single drug market?”, ibidem.


– “Polydrug trafficking and polydrug use in the United Kingdom: A model for Europe?”, ibidem.


– “NAFTA and US-Mexico Relations”, ibidem.


– “Mexico”, ibidem.


– With Pascale Perez, OGD: Cannabis Cultivation in West Africa: A Response to the Crisis of Agriculture, OGD, Paris.



• 1997    – “Ghana”, The world geopolitics of drugs 1995/1996, OGD, Paris.


– “Mexico”, ibidem.


– “All to Costa Rica!”, The Geopolitical Drug Dispatch, n° 69, Julio.



• 1995    – “Royaume-Uni”, OGD : Géopolitique des drogues, 1995, La Découverte, Paris.


– With K. Doyle “États-Unis”, ibidem.


– “Guerrero: Poppies, violence and ‘narco-coffee’”, The Geopolitical Drug Dispatch, n° 50, December.



Conferences, symposia, seminars


• 2005   Co-organisation of the international conference: Drug Production and State Stability, funded by SGDN (Office of the French Prime Minister), Centre de recherche et d’études internationales (CERI), Paris, 6 October.


– “Cannabis in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Alternative to Development?”, conference Drug Production and State Stability, Centre de recherche et d’études internationales (CERI)), Paris, 6 October.



• 2004    – “¿Cómo reducir los daños de las estrategias policiales antidrogas?”, Foro Andino Amazónico, organised by Mamacoca, Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Historia (ICANH) and Colciencias, Popayán (Colombia), 16/18 September.


– “L'opposition démocratique aux politiques antidrogue en Amérique andine”, international symposium France-Amérique latine et Caraïbes, organised by theInstitut des Hautes études d’Amérique latine (IHEAL), Centre de conference international, Paris, 4/5 October.



• 2003   – “Situación geopolítica del problema de las drogas”, conference Políticas de Drogas. Visiones y Actores del Debate, organised by Intercambios, Cámara de diputados de la Nación, Buenos Aires, 17/18 September.




• 2002   – “The Post-Apartheid ‘Drug Paradox’ of Southern Africa”, Die Berliner Drogenkonferenz, organised by R. Schönenberg and Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, Berlin, 14/15 October.



• 2000   – “Le cannabis comme culture de rente en Afrique australe”, seminar Mafie, Droghe e Conflitti in Africa, co-organised by OGD, ICEI y Gruppo Abele, Milan, 8 November, Turin, 9 November.



– “Poly-trafic et poly-usage en Afrique”, conference A situacčo das drogas na África a sul do Sara organised by OGD, CIDEC and Projecto Vida, Lisbon, December.


– ę†Communauté des sciences sociales et politiques antidrogues aux États-Unis†Ľ, symposium Drogue et politique, CERI, Paris, December.



1999    – “The Relationship between Research and Drug Policy in the USA”, 3rd Annual Conference of the MOST-Drugs programme of UNESCO, Universidad Jawaharlal Nehru, New Delhi, 1-5 November.




1998   – “Drug Geopolitics in Southern Africa”, 2nd Annual Conference of the MOST-Drugs programme of UNESCO, Universidade Estadual de Rio de Janeiro, 19-22 October.




• 1997   – “Marché local de la consommation et développement des cultures illicites de cannabis au Ghana”, international conference The Drug Situation in Sub-Saharan Africa, organised by OGD/European Commission/UNESCO, Paris, 1-3 April.


– “Contexto Internacional de las Drogas. El Caso de Europa”, 7a Conferencia Internacional del Grupo Latinoamericano de Estudios sobre Narcotráfico y Estabilidad Democrática en la Región, Secretaría de Gobernación Mexico City, May.



• 1996    – “The Trafficking of Illicit Drugs and International Relations in the Americas. A Case Study of Mexican-U.S. Relations 1988-1994”, International Sympiosium on The South in the Global Political Economy of Illicit Drugs, Centre for Democratic Development Research and Training, Zaria, Nigeria, 22-25 July.



Selected Translations


• 2006   French-English: Yves Breton, Gérard Klotz: “Jules Dupuit, Société d'économie politique de Paris and the Issue of Population in France (1850 - 1866)”, The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Vol. 13, n° 3, September.



• 2005   English-French: James Sheptycki: En quête de police transnationale. Vers une sociologie de la surveillance à l’ère de la mondialisation, De Boeck-Larcier, Bruselas, 2005, 298 pages (Original edition: In Search of Transnational Policing. Towards a sociology of global policing, Ashgate, Aldershot, 2002).



Spanish-French: Gustavo Duncan: “Les seigneurs de la guerre à la conquête des villes de Colombie”, Cahiers de la Sécurité, n° 59, December.



Spanish-French: Damián Zaitch: “Cocaine, conteneurs, contacts et contrôles. Le port de Rotterdam selon des trafiquants de drogues colombiens”, Cahiers de la Sécurité, n° 59, December.



English-French: Oscar Jansson: “L’impact des politiques paramilitaires sur la production de cocaïne”, Cahiers de la Sécurité, n° 59, December.



English-French: James Sheptycki: “Dans la machine construite sur la criminalité transnationale”, Cahiers de la Sécurité, n° 57, June.




• 2004    Spanish-French: Luis Astorga: “L’hégémonie des Sinaloans sur le trafic de drogues illicites”, Hérodote, n° 112, April.


French-English: Jérôme Ferret: “The State, Policing and ‘Old Continental Europe’: Managing the Local/National Tension”, Policing and Society, Vol. 14, n° 1, March.




• 2001   English-French: Office of Justice Programs (OJP): “Plan des programes, année fiscale 1999”, Cahiers de la Sécurité Intérieure, n° 46, December. (


English-French: Robert Reiner: “La politique des policiers”, Cahiers de la Sécurité Intérieure, n° 45, September.




• 2000    Spanish-French: Luis Astorga: “Mexique : Tendances récentes du trafic de drogues”, Mondes en développement, n° 110, April/June.


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